Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hello from Deep Stealth Central

Well, I said I wouldn't post very much - so here it is!  :-D

Stealthgirl?  What the hell kind of sneaky name is that?

I thought I'd better explain myself a little.  

I was born transsexual, with a physically male body, many, many years ago.  And, many years ago, I changed it, and became a woman.  It was a big deal then, hugely traumatic, the worst thing I'd ever done (next to university finals...), and I took a lot of knocks and hurt a lot of people.

Then things got better.  I got on with my life, got married, had a career, settled down, generally did the happy wifey thing with a wonderful loving husband and lots of friends.  My husband knows about my distant past; so obviously do my family and folks in my hometown.  But no one else.  Not my friends now, not the town where I live, work colleagues, etc, etc.  Basically, anyone who's got to know me in the past, say, 15 years.

That's why Stealth Girl.  I'm no crusader, I don't want to change the world.  I'm just a normal (well, gorgeous and highly intelligent, obviously, but otherwise normal) woman getting on with her life, who went through something strange and unusual in her early life.

Recently I've been enjoying chewing the cud with people in my position, and offering support and a shoulder to cry on for those fragile new girls embarking on the same path I did so many years ago.  That's what I'm doing with this Blog - apparently I "need" one these days to get an ID to post with, so here it is.

There, I said I wouldn't post!

Oh - a little bit about me?  Forty-ish, blonde, 5′8″, 10 1/2 stone, blue eyes, Cancer.  Deep Stealth for 15 years.  Happily married.

Love and best wishes to all,

Stealth Girl

They Made Me Do It... ;-)

Well, I’ve finally had to do it.  For the past year or two I’ve been quietly chipping in with advice and support in a very special community which I once belonged to, but left long ago.

The way of the web these days demands ID and openness, and unfortunately I can give neither of those if I’m to retain the life I have - so Stealth Girl it is!

I won’t post much here, I don’t think.  But all being well I’ll still be out there, trying to do my bit to help things along, as it was also done unto me, yeah, in ages past… 

Lots of love,